2020 was a year full of the unexpected. But one thing you can expect is a holiday message from your friends at Vamp. To wish you happy holidays, we have made a short Carol for you.

December was cold, all white and so far without any interruption.

And teams across the world tried to safely release their shiny new features to production.

2020 was the year more and more teams moved to microservices and started working with Kubernetes - oh what a delight!

When suddenly on Christmas Eve production issues arrived.

Troubleshooting microservices, validating dependencies and manual rollbacks are not easy.

Especially when downtime makes the teams go queasy.

That's why we built Vamp - to make releasing to production simple and fun.

It automates your Go-Live process and uses Machine Learning for validation - that's how we get it done.

Now, you don't need to worry when microservices in production are starting to crack.

Vamp has a built-in safety net and immediately applies an automated rollback.

If this is something you would like to solve in the new year, you can request a free demo right here.

And make sure 2021 is the year you can start releasing without any fear!

Happy Holidays from the Vamp team! :)