You don’t drive without safety belts, don’t you? So for your e-commerce software updates, it also makes perfect sense to enable a safety net, and automatically protect them from failure, all the way to your clients. E-commerce cloud provider DeltaBlue now offers this powerful capability in an easy to activate feature, powered by Cloud Native Continuous Release Orchestration solution, an Amsterdam-based AIOps platform startup, and DeltaBlue, provider of the most advanced aPaaS platform in the market, today announced an integration partnership in which the two companies will add support for the Vamp AIOps technology to DeltaBlue's aPaaS platform. The joint effort enables users of the aPaaS platform to automate their "Go-Live" process, safely A/B test applications in production and apply auto-rollbacks when KPIs are not met to avoid production issues and revenue loss.

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The Vamp's AIOps technology allows DeltaBlue platform users to perform automated and staged releases, testing and rollbacks based on performance metrics or health issues.

“We’re really happy and impressed with how easy DeltaBlue makes it to achieve fully automated safety guards to avoid production issues when updating your e-commerce software, using our leading Vamp technology," said Olaf Molenveld, CTO & Co-Founder of "DeltaBlue has a great vision on what e-commerce cloud really needs to stay competitive and innovative. And we are looking forward to expand our partnership with some great new upcoming features in the area of Big Data and Machine Learning."

"Putting a new version of an application in production is always a challenge, and no amount of pre-production testing will guarantee a smooth release," said William Janssen, CEO of DeltaBlue. "At DeltaBlue, we’re solving this challenge with Vamp, allowing our users to release new updates in stages, test code safely in production and apply automated rollbacks. Now you can release on a Friday afternoon, go home and enjoy the weekend while Vamp and DeltaBlue are protecting your application and users from issues."

The integration will be made available to all users of DeltaBlue's aPaaS platform. You can sign up here and start building and releasing your application's stack.

About DeltaBlue
Based in Belgium, DeltaBlue is an aPaaS platform to improve time to value by automating the full application life cycle management while leveraging existing investments. It combines the technical and functional cycle from development to production to maintenance. More at

About Vamp
Based in the Netherlands, Vamp is the industry’s first AIOps platform designed to help engineering, SRE and DevOps teams to release software faster and more frequently with near-100% reliability for great customer experience. Vamp was founded and launched in 2015 by Olaf Molenveld, and is backed by European venture capital firms. Customers include Nebraska Furniture Market, WeGroup, Mimecast and DeltaBlue. More at