AMSTERDAM, Aug 25, 2020 - Vamp, the industry’s first AIOps platform designed for Cloud-Native Release Orchestration, launches its new SaaS platform Vamp Cloud, offering release orchestration-as-a-service that helps enterprises working in DevOps and Kubernetes environments to accelerate release velocity while ensuring zero downtime of critical business services.

Unprecedented pressure to release more often, with zero errors
Releasing software faster and more frequently is getting more complex as enterprises move towards microservices, Kubernetes and DevOps. Software releases executed by DevOps teams are highly manual, slow and error-prone. Product Managers play no role in this release process and can’t measure the impact on the customer experience in real-time. Over the past year, Vamp interviewed more than 100 enterprises and identified that 70% of enterprises experience more production issues and a slower time-to-market after adopting microservices and DevOps.

Companies like Netflix, Twitter and Facebook have solved these challenges years ago with their own, in-house tooling. Vamp Cloud is built on their battle-tested technology and turned it into a SaaS-based AIOps platform, making it easy to integrate with existing enterprise software stacks.

Vamp Cloud: release, validate and optimize software in production and start releasing with confidence - even on a Friday afternoon
Vamp Cloud empowers DevOps teams with self-service release capabilities for real-time testing in production. It enables teams to automate their release process, with fine control over when new software and features are made available and to which customers or segments, as well as the ability to measure how a new release affects business KPI’s. By applying Machine Learning and automation to the release process - a new technology called Continuous Validation - the platform understands the health and business impact of a new release and can trigger automated rollbacks when new software doesn’t meet the business criteria, avoiding customer-facing failures and lost revenue.

“Not having real-time visibility into both the tech and business impact of a software release leaves product managers hobbled in terms of what decisions will improve customer experience and revenue,” said Vamp CEO Nico Vierhout. “Vamp Cloud makes it easy to measure and track how a software release impacts both the business and customer experience. It’s like a continuous feedback loop that finally puts the product manager back into the driving seat for controlling the real-time customer experience.”

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Reduce testing costs and improve time-to-market by testing in production
Vamp Cloud guides the way enterprises can test software cheaper and with better results. Testing software in pre-production environments is expensive and leads to a slower time-to-market. Instead of trying to mirror production environments and still falling short, it’s now possible with Vamp Cloud to safely expose new software to a controlled subset of real customers in a live production environment. This limits the impact of a failing release, and lowers the risk of releasing full stop, which makes releasing to production a high-occurrence, low-impact, no-sweat event. By cutting out the resource drain of extensive testing and acceptance cycles, releasing becomes iterative, cycle times speed up, and enterprises can move features to market faster.

Vamp Cloud is built for cloud-native applications and is architected to be deployed on all Kubernetes versions, including Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Amazon AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), as well as on-premises and vanilla Kubernetes distro’s.