It’s coming! Catch up on today’s biggest trends in cloud-native systems like Kubernetes, site reliability engineering and observability at this year’s combined O'Reilly Velocity and Software Architecture Conference in Berlin. As a proud sponsor, we’ll be there from Nov 4-7 and can’t wait to talk tech about all things containerization to cloud and how you can release simply, safely and at scale.

Continuous Releasing demo at booth #200

Vamp, provider of the world’s first policy-based Continuous Releasing platform, is a proud sponsor of both events. The Vamp team will be on-hand to demo how enterprises can release better software with more confidence – even on a Friday afternoon.

How to release with confidence? Even on a Friday? We’ll share:

•   Advanced release strategies: control which users see what features and when with Vamp’s fine-grained release policies.

•   Continuous validation: learn how Vamp automatically validates the success of releases based on SRE and business metrics.

•   Automated safety net: don’t waste time troubleshooting issues. Vamp has you covered and automatically rolls-back and scales up releases.

•   Release observability: who doesn’t love dashboards? With Vamp you’ll always know the status of all ongoing releases.

Let's talk tech

Our team will be on hand to explain how Vamp works in your environment, how it integrates with your CI/CD pipeline, how it helps with managing your microservices environment and, more importantly, how we can help you have full confidence in your releasing process. And grab some awesome swag!

Get 25% off on us!

Planning on coming to O’Reilly Velocity in Berlin? As a sponsor, we’re pleased to offer you a special discount on the standard rate! Use the code Vamp25 and get a 25% discount on your conference ticket.